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Is there a way to synchronize a local folder with a folder on a remote server?

HTML-Kit Build 292's FTP Workspace does not come with a tool to synchronize local and remote folders. However, the following method can be used to save a copy of the file being edited to the local drive as well as the remote server at the same time.
  • Make sure that the "Edit | Preferences | Workspace | Attach to the server after drag and drop uploads" option is checked.
  • Open the file from the local folder/computer.
  • Drag the file icon (on the bottom of the editor window next to the Editor/Preview tabs) and drop it on the remote FTP folder in the Workspace.
  • When prompted, click Yes to attach the file to the specified remote folder.
Now when the file is saved by pressing the Ctrl+S key or clicking the Save button, it'll be saved to the local folder and a copy of it will get uploaded to the remote FTP server.