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I'm having trouble running the hkThumbnailStarter plugin. What should I do?

If you're getting an error message when installing or running the hkThumbnailStarter plugin for the first time, please make sure that your system has the minimum requirements listed on the hkThumbnailStarter plugin page (in the Download section).
If you're able to install hkThumbnailStarter, but getting an error message when running it, make sure that you're using the latest version of the plugin and that any .NET Framework related updates are applied. You can download and install Windows related updates by selecting the "Windows Update" option from the "Start" menu.
If you're able to install and run hkThumbnailStarter, but getting an error message when working with certain image files or when using some of the options, having a copy of one of the original image files related to the error can make it easier to find what's causing the error. You can use the "Options | Send support file" option in the HTML-Kit User Assistant to send a problem report with an image file. In the "Notes" field, please include a description of how you were using hkThumbnailStarter when the error occurred and the plugin options you were using at the time.