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HTML-Kit SearchExt Pro

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 HTML-Kit SearchExt add-on

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HTML-Kit SearchExt makes it easier to find text inside one or more files open in HTML-Kit. In addition to the user-friendly interface, it comes with features that newcomers as well as advanced users find handy such as plain-text multi-line search, wildcards, HTML / XML attribute value searches, highlighted previews, optional regular expressions (with readymade snippets) and soundex.

  • Find text in one or more open files
  • User-friendly intuitive interface
  • Search in plain-text mode with support for multiple lines
  • Option for using regular expressions (with quick access to ready-to-use snippets)
  • Simple yet handy * and ? wildcards
  • Find words that sound-alike or spelled differently using soundex
  • Quick preview with highlights
  • Ability to search inside HTML / XML attribute values such as href, src and more
  • HTML-Kit Build 292
  • Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003 running on a Pentium or higher
  • 800x600 or higher resolution display
To install the HTML-Kit SearchExt add-on, download and run the setup program outside of HTML-Kit. A new icon for starting the HTML-Kit SearchExt add-on will appear on HTML-Kit's Batch Actions tab. To uninstall it, right click the icon and select Uninstall. Please use the Support Forums to send feedback.
This download requires a registration of HTML-Kit. The registered users can download the HTML-Kit SearchExt add-on and other extra add-ons from the My Account page.