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TagTree Pro

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HTML-Kit TagTree provides an easy-to-read visual representation of the current document that can be used to quickly navigate HTML, XHTML and XML files. It can also display function names, variables and other code snippets in scripts, and jump to the associated line in the source code.
  • Comprehensive document tree display
  • Support for JavaScript, Java, PHP, Perl and more
  • Language-neutral custom scan words
  • Messages Window for displaying any parsing errors
  • Ability to scan the tags using custom scripts
  • Option for staying on top of HTML-Kit while editing
  • Switches for attributes, text nodes and comments
  • Keyboard shortcut for opening or reopening documents in the TagTree without closing the window
  • HTML-Kit Build 292
  • Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003 running on a Pentium or higher
  • 800x600 or higher resolution display
To install the HTML-Kit TagTree add-on: download and run the setup program (after exiting HTML-Kit).
A new icon (  TagTree Icon ) for starting TagTree will appear on HTML-Kit's Tools tab.
To uninstall it, right click the icon and select Uninstall.
Please use the Support Forums to send feedback. (Release notes)
This download requires a registration of HTML-Kit. The registered users can download the TagTree and other extra add-ons from the My Account page.