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RSS Newsfeeds

Information about HTML-Kit software updates, latest plugins, forum posts, blog entries and other HTML-Kit news can be accessed using RSS newsfeeds. If you use a RSS newsfeed client, here's a list of feeds you can watch.

HTML-Kit Headlines
RSS newsfeed:
Atom newsfeed:
You can easily view HTML-Kit headlines by visiting the homepage or by clicking newsfeeds icon on HTML-Kit Tools menu bar: Newsfeed icon on HTML-Kit Tools menu bar
Recent Posts on HTML-Kit Forums
RSS newsfeed:
This newsfeed is updated whenever a new message is posted to a HTML-Kit forum or a newsgroup.
HTML-Kit Updates
RSS newsfeed:
This newsfeed carries information about HTML-Kit Tools updates, HTML-Kit TreeHouse builds, HTML-Kit 292 updates and other HTML-Kit announcements.
If you prefer email notifications, you can get these update notices delivered to an email address of your choice by subscribing to the following mailing list. HTML-Kit Updates is a low-traffic announcements-only mailing list. The subject line of these email include "[html-kit]" to make it easy for you to filter or label them in your email client.
Google Groups
Subscribe to HTML-Kit Updates
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HTML-Kit Twitter Tweets
RSS newsfeed:
You can get the latest HTML-Kit tweets even if you're not on Twitter using this newsfeed.