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Posted by HTML-Kit Support June 30, 2014

Update: Goal met as of 06-Jul-2014! Thank you for helping with registrations, donations and getting the word out. Details of the 2014 development marathon will be posted on the support forum.

HTML-Kit is one of the longest running HTML editors for Windows that's still getting feature updates. It's also one of the oldest independently developed HTML editors with a 15+ year history.

I keep it going because I love software development and the web development space presents many new exciting challenges. But also, and maybe even more so, because I like the community around it and hope both free and relatively low-cost versions help people enjoy coding. We all benefit from having our software come from many vibrant creative pools, from open source to indie to large companies.

So I've said independent a few times. Well, that's another way of saying that HTML-Kit doesn't have a company with deep pockets. I need your help to make it better. You can help by registering HTML-Kit, making a donation or simply spreading the word.

While I have the fund-raising hat on, I'd also like to start another development marathon. Last year's marathon resulted in 30 builds in 30 days with many more additions.

If we can raise at least $800 USD, I'll start another marathon. If you or your company adds $200+, you'll be mentioned as a marathon sponsor (with your permission of course).


Register HTML-Kit     Make a Donation


If you're at a business with multiple developers, you can even sponsor this event by getting a multi-seat or unlimited-seat license.

If you have other sponsorship ideas, please drop me a note. You can also find me on HTML-Kit support forums.

As always, thank you for your support!

- Chami
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