HTML Tidy, HTML5 and Preview updates for HTML-Kit 292

Posted by HTML-Kit Support January 3, 2012

If you've been using HTML-Kit for a while, you know that HTML-Kit Tools is the latest version of HTML-Kit.

HTML-Kit 292 is the version before Tools, but a lot of people still use it as their primary HTML editor.

If you're using HTML-Kit 292, some of its plugins have been updated to include the following:

  • Latest HTML Tidy plugin with improved support for HTML 5.
  • Internal preview window with greater HTML 5 comparability.
  • HTML 5 doctypes on Document tab.

HTML Tidy now checks for new elements in the latest HTML specification, including article, audio, canvas, footer, header, nav, rp, rt, ruby, section and video. New attributes that are checked include custom data-* attributes, contenteditable, contextmenu, draggable, dropzone, hidden, spellcheck, and the many form and event attributes introduced in HTML version 5.

Most of these new tags and attributes are also supported in the internal preview window for more easily testing HTML 5 pages.

These improvements were made by updating some of the core plugins that come with HTML-Kit 292. Please note that since this is not an update to HTML-Kit 292 main application itself, the "Help | Check for Updates" option won't show this as a version upgrade.

You can get HTML-Kit 292 with these updated core plugins from the download page.

If you're using HTML-Kit Tools, make sure that you have the latest update to get these features.

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