Touchscreen Plugins

Posted by HTML-Kit Support September 12, 2012

This feature was delivered in HTML-Kit Tools update 20121101. To make sure that you have the latest additions, select "Help > Check for Updates" from the main menu.

What if you could quickly swipe through a list of recent files and open the ones you want with a tap... from your smartphone or a tablet?

HTML-Kit Touchscreen Plugins is a brand new feature that experiments with this exact idea.

If nothing else, a touchscreen device can be a secondary monitor and another method of input. Instead of using up space on your primary display, you might offload color pickers, snippets, help windows and recent file lists to one or more smartphones or tablets.

You can play with the early preview of this feature by clicking Touchscreen Plugins icon in the latest TreeHouse build.

HTML-Kit Touchscreen plugins on iOS (iPod Touch)


HTML-Kit Touchscreen plugins on Android (Samsung Galaxy Tab)


HTML-Kit Touchscreen plugins on BlackBerry OS (BlackBerry Playbook)

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