Convert text to HTML with Markdown

Posted by HTML-Kit Support January 12, 2012

If you spend a lot of time writing blog entries, news releases, how-to articles and other text-rich webpages, you may not always want to manually format text into HTML. HTML-Kit Tools can help streamline those cases with its support for styling text in Markdown format, which is a widely-used and human readable text format.

Let's jump in with a quick example of what your text might look like:


You can then preview what it looks like as a fully formatted HTML page:


Once you've completed entering text, it can be converted to valid HTML with a single-click:


Looks interesting? It's quite easy to go from text to preview to HTML. Here's how:

  • Select "File > New > HTML document from plain text" from HTML-Kit Tools main menu.
  • Type the text as you would normally as shown in the template.
  • To preview, simply press F12 or click "Preview" as usual.
  • When you're ready to convert the text to HTML, click "Open as HTML" link at the bottom of the editor window.

As you see, this feature makes it easy to write naturally and format text without using HTML tags. And then quickly convert it to well-formed HTML.

This feature was delivered in HTML-Kit Tools update 20110721. To make sure that you have the latest additions, select "Help > Check for Updates" from the main menu.

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