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Posted by HTML-Kit Support August 8, 2013

This feature is currently available in TreeHouse build 20130721, and will soon be released to all registered users of HTML-Kit Tools. You can keep an eye out for it using "Help > Check for Updates" menu option.

The Screen Capture utility, located on the far side of the menu bar, makes it easier to select a portion of the screen and save as a PNG image.

You could use it to, for example, show a portion of a page to a customer before it's ready to be published on the web, by switching to the Preview tab and using the Screen Capture utility to save a specific area. This will certainly come in handy for creating screenshots of HTML-Kit, for documenting certain features, testing and attaching in emailed questions.

Saving a portion of the screen

"Selected Area" button can be used to select and save a portion of the screen. After clicking this option:

  1. Move your mouse to where you'd like to start the rectangular selection or the top-left corner.
  2. Click and hold the left mouse button, and move to the end of the selection or the bottom-right corner.

Once you have the area selected, you can move and resize the selection for a better fit. It'll show you the width and height of the selection, where it starts (top-left corner) and the width to height ratio.

To save the selected area to a *.png image file, press Enter or double click. The file name suggested in the Save As dialog includes the size of the area.


  • To toggle between thin and thick selection frame and text, press the "T" key.
  • To make your selection a square, press the "1" key. This changes the selection box ratio to 1:1. Then press the "W" key to change width of the selection to match its height. Pressing "H" matches height to the width.
  • To use 4:3 ratio, press the "3" key. Then use "W" and/or "H" keys to adjust width and/or height to match 4:3 ratio.
  • Pressing the "9" key changes ratio to 16:9, which is also the default.
  • Enter key brings up Save As dialog for saving selected area of the screen.
  • Escape key cancales the current selection, if you'd like to start over.

Saving the full screen

"Full Screen" option takes a screenshot of the full screen and prompts to save it. The suggested file name in the Save As dialog includes width and height of the screen.

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