So you want HTML-Kit on Mac?

Posted by HTML-Kit Support June 15, 2012

A quick update (10-Jul-2012): There's only been one donation totaling $45.00 (which is refunded, not having met the fundraising goal). It's unfortunate but at least I've tried :)

I'm pretty bad at designing websites, but not too bad at creating tools for web developers. If this is your first visit, hi, my name is Chami. I've run a so called "one man shop" developing and supporting HTML-Kit editor for over a decade. If you've never heard of this software, here are some online and offline references.

HTML-Kit has always been a native Windows application but I get many requests for a native Mac version. Unfortunately, there's no magical switch for converting a complex Windows app to a Mac app. Besides, I think software works best when they're designed from ground up for specific platforms.

So, if you'd like to see a web dev toolset with the work style of HTML-Kit, here's your chance. Since this wouldn't be a quick weekend project, I need to make sure that there's serious interest out there. Being an independent developer, like many of you out there, I'd also need to raise money to get this going.

In short, the goal is to raise $3000.00 USD with small donations starting at $20.

Make a Donation to the Project

If the total amount of donations doesn't reach the goal and the project doesn't get started, you can simply request an automatic refund within 60 days (maximum time allowed by PayPal).

  • For a donation of $20, or more, your name will be on the list of contributors (unless of course you request not to be mentioned), linked to from the app as a heartfelt thank-you for helping to get the Mac version started. Everyone making a donation of $20 or more will get a free single-user license to the first release (finished product).

  • $35 donation, or more, adds access to beta versions so you can help shape it in the early stages.

  • $45 donation, or more, adds a license to the current Windows app, in addition to the Mac app. This is still less than the cost of a single license for the current Windows version. May come in handy if you switch back and forth Windows and OS X, or if you're planning to move to one of these platforms in the future.

  • $100 donation, or more, adds a life-time free upgrades to all future releases of HTML-Kit, regardless of the platform.

  • $500 donation, or more, adds your name to the "About" dialog, prominently displayed on the front tab.

  • $1000 donation, or more, adds a "sponsored by" link on HTML-Kit website for 1 year, to your homepage or company website.

So let's get this app started! (and tell your friends)

Make a Donation to the Project

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