HTML-Kit Tools update - 20111216

Posted by HTML-Kit Support December 22, 2011

HTML-Kit Tools update 20111216 is now available to all registered users.

  • Improved support for checking HTML5 documents for errors. Supports new tags such as article, audio, canvas, footer, header, nav, rp, rt, ruby, section and video. Also checks for new attributes including custom data-* attributes, contenteditable, contextmenu, draggable, dropzone, hidden, spellcheck, and the many form and event attributes introduced in HTML version 5. To check HTML 5 documents (and other versions of HTML/XHTML), press F9 or select "Tools > Tidy" from the main menu.
  • Redesigned full screen mode now makes more space available for editing and minimizes on screen distractions. To enter full screen mode, press F11 key or select "View > Full screen" from the main menu.
  • Newsfeed and update icons were moved to the left hand side of the menu bar for easily access.
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