HTML-Kit Tools update - 20120416

Posted by HTML-Kit Support May 9, 2012

HTML-Kit Tools update 20120416 is now available to all registered users.

  • The actual color of HTML/CSS hex color code is displayed below each color code as a quick reference.
  • Switch on the Status Bar for quickly toggling Selecting Matching feature on and off.
  • Pressing Escape key clears out Selection Matching marks.
  • "Quick Picks" option on Save File As dialog makes it easier to save to previously used project folders. Also provides options for setting the file name to a commonly used file name such as index.html, style.css and script.js.
  • Save File As dialog responds to "File Type" selection by changing the file extension to the first extension listed for the selected file type.
  • Open/Save File dialogs show a compact version of "Line ending" and "Encoding" drop-down menu options, giving slightly more space to the file list.
  • On the setup program, translation author's name is made more visible on a line by itself when a language other than English is selected.
  • "preserve-entities" option is now enabled by default in HTML Tidy.
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