HTML-Kit Tools update - 20120605

Posted by HTML-Kit Support June 14, 2012

HTML-Kit Tools update 20120605 is now available to all registered users.


IE and WebKit split preview


Scan QR Code in your phone to preview the page in HTML-Kit Tools

  • Improved support for testing pages that use latest HTML5 and CSS3 features from within the Preview tab.
  • Ability to split the Preview window for testing pages in IE-mode and WebKit-mode at the same time. This side-by-side rendering of pages in IE and WebKit modes make it possible, with a single key press or a click, to test pages for majority of desktop and mobile browsers in use today, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and WebOS.
  • Easily run the current page being previewed through WebKit/Chrome-based Inspector. This makes it possible to access debugging and profiling tools right from the Preview tab. These Inspector tools include JavaScript console, HTML elements view, CSS properties, missing resource checker, page load timeline and more.
  • QR Code on Extended Preview window makes it easier to link up phones and tablets to HTML-Kit Tools preview.
  • Support for running on Windows 8 desktop. Tested on Release Preview.
  • "Skip optional setup dialogs" option for speeding up setup by using default values for Program Folder, Start Menu Folder, and Additional Tasks.
  • W3C CSS Validation Service helper on "Actions Bar > Tools" tab and "Tools > Extra" menu updated to support CSS3 validation.
  • The old image picker was removed in favor of the new image picker.
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