HTML-Kit Tools update - 20120801

Posted by HTML-Kit Support August 3, 2012

HTML-Kit Tools update 20120801 is now available to all registered users.


Redesigned tabs and new color themes (scroll down for more)

  • Document tabs have been redesigned for a better looking editing environment with less distraction. The new tabs make most of available screen space and nicely blends in with the user interface color theme. Supports both light color themes and dark color themes, for the user interface and the colorizer style used by the editor.
  • A new dark color themed colorizer style compliments the light color themed colorizer style that comes as the default. To try out the dark colorizer style, click the down arrow on UI customization button and select "Colorizer style > Default dark color theme."
  • "UI Customization" button on the Actions Bar, in "Start > Customize" section, for easily changing color themes, colorizer styles, text size and language.
  • Initial support for opening and colorizing LESS files. LESS is a popular extension to CSS that implements variables, mixins, operators and functions on top of the current CSS standard.
  • Many other user interface tweaks.

Thank you TreeHouse!


Purple and black color theme, with Dutch translation by Gerard


Pink and white color theme, with German translation by Martin


Green and white color theme, with Italian translation by Luca

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