HTML-Kit Tools update - 20130615

Posted by HTML-Kit Support July 9, 2013

HTML-Kit Tools update 20130615 is now available to all registered users.

View CSS rgb() / rgba() colors as you edit


Highlight matching tags

  • When editing HTML documents full of DIV and other nested tags, automatic highlighting of matching tags added in this release makes it easier to see where blocks start and end. Simply place the caret inside a tag to see its opening or closing tag.
  • Hovering the mouse pointer over a tag also highlights opening and closing tags. This option can be used when you want to find blocks without moving the caret from your edit point.
  • Ctrl+M now supports jumping to the matching tag when the caret is inside a tag. It can still be used to jump to the matching brace when the caret is at a {} [] () character.
  • Marks made by Go to Matching Tag command (Ctrl+M) can be cleared by pressing the ESCape key.
  • Ctrl+Shift+M can be used to select between matching tags as well as matching braces. Placing the caret inside a tag selects between tags. Placing the caret inside of a brace selects the inner block (excludes braces). Placing the caret outside of a brace selects the outter block (includes braces).
  • Added F6 ("Tools > Repeat Last Plugin Action") for repeating the last plugin action. Currently supports actions related to inserting text. For example, select some text and press Ctrl+P followed by Ctrl+B to add STRONG tags around the selected text. From now on, F6 can be used to repeat that action on other selected text.
  • View CSS colors in rgb() and rgba() formats as you edit. This works similar to the way #0F0 and #00FF00 hex colors are highlighted. Colors such as rgb(0,255,0), rgb(0%,100%,0%), rgba(0,255,0, .2) and rgba(0%,100%,0%, .2) are underlined with the specified color for quick reference. Alpha value in rgba() colors is calculated against a white background, which may not match the background of the editor where color codes are displayed.
  • Richhint popup shows rgb() and rgba() colors at the caret. Color preview doesn't include alpha value.
  • "View > Editor > Refresh" for refreshing the current document view. This mainly affects the colorizer view. Double clicking the document tab also refreshes the colorizer view of the current document, in addition to bringing caret line into focus.
  • Caret line, which highlights the background of the current line, stays visible even when the editor doesn't have focus.
  • Supports running on new Windows 8.1 Preview, in addition to Windows 8.0.
  • "Preferences > Projects > Show project name of the current document in application title" option can be used to show the project name associated with the current document.
  • Initial support for colorizing Haxe files (*.hx).
  • Initial support for colorizing Objective C/C++ files (.m;.mm).
  • W3C Markup Validation plugin was updated to workaround changes on W3C service.

Thank you TreeHouse!

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