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Speak Dutch? This plugin provides a Dutch translation of the HTML-Kit main menu.
This plugin and tutorial combo makes it easier to add the ability to rotate banners, slides and other images on web pages.
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Adds a new interface for searching in currently open documents.
Converts double space indents to tabs and removes extra spaces at the end of lines.
Converts the selected lines to a comma separated single line.
Demonstrates how to change the InputWizard preview based on the currently selected group/field name.
If you're editing text and HTML documents that have extra spaces at the end of lines, the process of trimming such lines can take some time. This plugin can help by automating the removal of end-of-line whitespace.
If your pages tend to contain many text links, this plugin makes it easier to link the selected text using the right click menu. It can also filter out special characters so you can create safe plain text links, optionally with ID / NAME attributes.
Prefer plugins that can perform multiple functions? This plugin adds several options for working with comments and for using the selected text to generate hyperlinks, tables, numeric entities and file names.
Need to convert blocks of text or HTML to htp.p() statements? This plugin makes it easier to create htp.p lines and convert them back to text / HTML. It also provides options for commenting / uncommenting lines and inserting related tags.
hkSetupPlus makes it easier to use hundreds of optional tools written for HTML-Kit, even if you're just getting started, by automating the installation of most additions and updates.
One of the original HTML-Kit plugins for inserting CSS level 1 and 2 properties and values, complete with tutorials written in Finnish and English.
tmCSS source
Source code files used to create tmCSS.
Demonstrates a way to bridge hkScript and HTML Application (HTA) scripts.
Demonstrates how to send commands to HTML-Kit from a Delphi program (not a plugin).
Demonstrates a way to look for a file in parent folders.
Demonstrates how to synchronize hkp_Register and hkp_Main data using arrays.
Demonstrates how to select text between two points picked using regex.
Demonstrates how to insert an <img> tag that's linked to an image using an <a> tag.
Find, select and insert custom snippets using the keyboard with this TagsReminder-inspired interface. You can now test drive the beta version and send your feedback.
So you've installed dozens of plugins and wondering if any of the plugins have been updated since. hkDLPlusHelper makes it easier to check if there are any updates for the currently installed plugins.
Whether you're interested in creating tutorials or presentations for your clients, this plugin can be used to quickly create simple audio visuals.
Remember the 'old' days of the Web when you didn't have much control over how your pages looked? These days most sites use stylesheets, but content is still the king. This plugin makes it easier to preview your pages with and without CSS.
Adds a wizard for inserting email links with multiple recipients, subject line and optional message text.
Looking for a quick way to test mailto addresses or even send email to addresses in your HTML files while editing? This plugin makes it possible to right click and send email to the address at the cursor.
Demonstrates how to write a hkScript plugin that can communicate with HTML Tidy.
HTML Tidy Beta
HTML Tidy is able to provide fixes and suggestions for common coding errors by analyzing tag patterns. This plugin makes it possible to test the latest beta version of Tidy without having to replace the last version.
Demonstrates how to write a batch plugin that can find text in multiple files and sort the results.
Demonstrates how to open a new editor window from a PHP plugin.
Prefer to use the mouse for inserting tags? This plugin makes it easier to access commonly used tags using the right click menu. It also provides the ability to add new options for inserting custom code snippets.
Demonstrates how to read and update the line at the cursor.
Need to flip lines? With this plugin you can simply highlight and click to move lines at the bottom to the top in reverse order.
Converting text files to HTML? This plugin makes it easier to convert blocks of text separated by blank lines to HTML paragraphs with line breaks.
Reformats items in OL / UL lists to remove whitespace around the tags.
Need a little help invoking your favorite DOM tool? This plugin makes it easier to open external programs for viewing the Document Object Model, such as the Mozilla DOM Inspector.
Looking for a way to number items without using the <OL> tag? This plugin can be used to replace place-holders with incrementing numbers.
Looking for a way to create thumbnails of large images? This plugin can generate a custom size thumbnail of the specified GIF, JPEG, PNG or BMP image along with the HTML code for opening the original image.
Quickly create and insert single-color images, that can be used to add image-based dots, vertical/horizontal lines/bars, rectangles and transparent space holders to web pages.
Inserts Perl variable assignments with $in{}, $data{}, $form{} and $CGI{} using the selected text.
Not shy about using fancy fonts on your web pages? This plugin makes it easier to insert generic font family names as well as other commonly used font names.
Want to play with IE's CSS visual filters and transitions? This plugin makes it easier to use and test multimedia-style filters and transitions.
Creating TABLEs with a few cells is easy enough, but the amount of time required to hand code larger tables can grow in a hurry, especially if there are any merged cells. This wizard makes it easier to visually create HTML tables with merged cells.
Looking for a quick way to add alt attributes to img tags? This plugin can be used to look through <img tags in the current document and add empty alt="" attributes if alt is missing.
Adds empty summary attributes to <table tag lines if summary is missing.
Is the extra space in front of </TD> tags creating problems? This plugin can remove any spaces in between the content and the closing TD tag.
In many cases it's necessary to use the &nbsp; entity to display consecutive spaces on HTML pags. This plugin makes it easier to convert multiple spaces to nbsp entities or nbsp entities to regular spaces.
Demonstrates how to get a list of currently open documents.
Update your pages often? This plugin makes it easier to update "Last Updated On ___" labels. It can also create new documents based on custom templates with date/time placeholders.
Updates the HTML-Kit root directory on portable drives.
The Open In New Window option in HTML-Kit can be used as a way to create static split views. This plugin simplifies it by using the Output window to display a snapshot of the text in the Editor window.
Toggles the cached write mode.
Copies text in the Output window to the Editor window with optional header and footer.
Too many out-of-date URLs in the internal browser address bar? This simple plugin can be used to clear the drop-down list of URLs.
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