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User Interface


  • How to: Write HTML-Kit plugins
    HTML-Kit's functionality can be extended using plugins that range from buttons for inserting code to specialized utilities to advanced side-by-side applications. This document includes information on how to get started and where to look for samples, tutorials and other details related to developing plugins.
  • How to: Get the full text in the editor using a hkScript plugin
    The code in this document demonstrates how to write a plugin in hkScript to retrieve the full text in the current editor.
  • How to: Add new functions to the Plugins Generator
    This document is a work in progress; it aims to describe all aspects of adding new functions to the Plugins Generator. This facility makes it easier to generate custom code in all supported languages.
  • Information: Output window remains empty after running HTML Tidy
    HTML Tidy may not update the Output window after checking certain files. This document describes possible reasons and solutions.
  • How to: Create a text input box in hkScript
    This document describes how to create a text input box in hkScript.
  • How to: Write preview plugins
    This document explains how to write plugins that can update/modify content sent to Preview and Active Preview windows.
  • How to: Write context menu plugins
    Starting with HTML-Kit Build 292, the editor context menu can be dynamically updated using plugins. This document contains sample code that can be used to create right-click menu plugins and with dynamically created icons.
  • How to: Draw icons at runtime
    This document lists the commands that can be used to draw plugins related icons at runtime.
  • How to: Add new commands to the Command Prompt
    This document describes how to write plugins that can handle commands issued using the Command Prompt.
  • How to: Write page wizards
    This document describes how to write page wizard plugins that can be used to generate basic page templates, files for framesets, and other types of initial pages.
  • How to: Write batch actions
    This document describes how to write plugins that can run in batch mode using the Batch Actions Wizard interface.
  • How to: Create interactive templates (visually)
    Get started in authoring interactive templates that can prompt for user input and dynamically update the output. No programming experience is required since these types of templates can be created using the Plugins Generator's graphical user interface.
  • Information: Sample Code Cross-reference for Plugin Developers
    This document is a cross-reference of HKPAPI functions / parameters, and hkScript functions that are found in the sample plugins and other published plugins with source code written in all supported languages.
  • How to: Create keyword help files
     Keyword Help
    Would you like to have context-sensitive access to your bookmarks and other references related to HTML tags, CSS properties, and other items? This document describes how to customize HTML-Kit's F1 keyword help system to include new references.
  • Information: hkScript Compatibility Reference
    This document lists which hkScript functions can be used in HTML-Kit 290/292, XSCL, InputWizard, and hkLAP.





  • How to: Preview pages through a web server
     Preview through server
    When editing pages that contain server-side scripts (such as ASP, JSP, Perl, PHP, etc.) or server side includes (SSI), it may be necessary to go through a web server to be able to preview the final result. This document describes how to configure HTML-Kit to preview pages through a local or a remote server.
  • How to: Create file mappings
    HTML-Kit's "File Mappings" feature can be used to preview files that cannot be previewed without a host file, such as stylesheets, stand-alone JavaScript files, etc., and other files that browsers may not be able to render without the help of an external application, such as server-side scripts and non-HTML files. This document describes how to create file mappings for common file types.
  • Information: Preview Options Matrix
    This document describes how to configure the preview modes available in HTML-Kit Build 292 and higher.
  • How to: Enable the Gecko / Mozilla preview mode
     Preview in Preview
    Why switch between two browsers when it's possible to preview pages in Internet Explorer and Netscape / Mozilla modes, side-by-side? This document describes how to utilize HTML-Kit's Preview in Preview feature by enabling the Gecko preview mode.