HTML-Kit 292 Check-for-Updates notification

Posted by HTML-Kit Support January 13, 2012

If you're using HTML-Kit 292 and if it doesn't contain the latest HTML Tidy and HTML5 updates, you may get a new notification on "Help | Check for Updates" dialog.

This update notification applies to HTML-Kit 292 installers downloaded prior to 12-Jan-2012.

So what's in this update? The latest HTML Tidy for checking errors in HTML documents, initial support for HTML5, and improved internal preview window. You can read more about these updates here.

This update is recommended for all HTML-Kit 292 users as it brings improved error checking for HTML5 documents and also enables better support for previewing modern web pages. The setup program can be run on top of current installations of HTML-Kit 292.

Download HTML-Kit 292 with 12-Jan-2012 updates

If you're using HTML-Kit Tools, these updates are already in the recent versions of HTML-Kit Tools.

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