HTML Tidy in your browser

Posted by HTML-Kit Support January 10, 2012

I'm a big fan of HTML Tidy. If you're new to HTML Tidy, it's a popular utility for checking HTML documents for common mistakes. It can also present an improved version of the markup, and help make older pages standards compliant. HTML Tidy was originally written by Dave Raggett and now being maintained by a quorum of developers.

HTML-Kit has continued its support for HTML Tidy, since being the first graphical user inteface for it, and have released HTML Tidy updates for both HTML-Kit Tools and HTML-Kit 292.

But what if you don't use HTML-Kit, or just need a quick way to check if a page has any errors without opening another application?

HTML Tidy Browser Extension for the Chrome browser fills in this gap by making it easy to check the current page for HTML coding errors. Once the extension is installed, all you have to do is go to the page in question and click the Tidy icon.

  • Easy to use: Simply click the drop-down icon to view what Tidy finds and suggests.
  • Fast: HTML Tidy is built into the extension and runs at the speed of your computer.
  • Self contained: HTML is checked locally, and doesn't go through an online HTML validation service.
  • Compare HTML: Displays the page source and the HTML suggested by HTML Tidy. A third view highlights any differences between the two.
  • Checks the final output: If your pages use server-side scripting, this extension can help test HTML as the browser sees it.

So the next time a new client ask you to check their old site for errors, you can simply open up the URL and run it through Tidy.

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