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Where do I find help for HTML-Kit and languages supported by it?

Help for HTML-Kit as well as the languages supported by it are available in several different methods. However, given the array of built-in features, over 440 optional plugins, dozens of file types supported by the editor and other aspects such as the plugins interface with 12+ languages, the task of creating and maintaining a centralized help system is a work in progress.

I need a quick answer. What should I do?

Start with the search option on the HTML-Kit site. It covers support documents from multiple sources as well as answers to 'real-world' questions posted on the support forums.
 Search Articles and Archives


Search articles, frequently asked questions, support forum archives, plugins and more.


I can't find the answer on the site. Where do I ask questions?

If you don't see the answer to your question on the search page, you can post it on one of the HTML-Kit support forums. Both questions specific to HTML-Kit and Web page authoring questions that aren't HTML-Kit related are welcome. The support forums can be accessed as newsgroups, or through the Web interface which doesn't require any additional software.
 Support Forums

Use one of the following HTML-Kit forums to get product and authoring support. Please visit the support forums page if you're new to using these newsgroups.

 Product Support Newsgroup
Whether you're just getting started or looking for advanced tips, this is the place to post general questions related to HTML-Kit.
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 Web Page Authoring Support Newsgroup
New to web page authoring? Try posting your HTML, CSS, scripting and other web page development questions on this newsgroup.
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 Off-Topic Newsgroup
If your topic doesn't fit the other groups, stop by this newsgroup for some off-topic discussion.
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 Plugins Newsgroup
Need help with using or writing HTML-Kit plugins? Code samples, announcements and plugin support can be found on this newsgroup.
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I can find the answer on the site, but can I have offline help as well?

Offline help files for HTML/XHTML, CSS, PHP, and other languages supported by HTML-Kit are available as optional downloads. Close to 440 printable booklets are also available for optional plugins. The Plugins Generator includes an offline help file and a reference for hkScript functions. Some of the tutorials are available as offline files. However, due to the number of topics that have to be covered and time limitations, new help pages with information about using HTML-Kit in different ways are being added to the site on-demand. The most up-to-date information about using HTML-Kit itself (HTML and other languages supported by it are well-covered by the provided help files), is available on the HTML-Kit site.

Why don't you just include these help files in the HTML-Kit setup?

The setup file for HTML-Kit is currently at 2.8 MB. If help files are added to the setup, the size would increase by several MBs. Leaving licensing and bandwidth issues aside, the added help files would not be benefitial to everyone since HTML-Kit is being used by different users for different tasks. The help files are available as optional downloads for you to pick and choose from depending on your needs.

Where do I get started on the HTML-Kit site?

Start with the mini feature tour. The basic information about using HTML-Kit, including the following information, is covered by it.
 » How to create simple pages without hand coding
 » Edit online / publish files using the FTP Workspace
 » Check HTML, XML and CSS code for common errors
 » HTML-Kit tutorials, FAQs and support forums
That should help you get started with using HTML-Kit. If other questions come up as you use it, you can visit the support page and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. If you can't seem to find the answer, free online support is available virtually around the clock.