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Easy way to do many types of lists

If your web pages tend to have many lists, drop-down menus, categorized links, or long paragraph / DIV sections, this visual plugin can help you create and maintain them. It also makes it easier to edit, sort and even share data with other documents.

Converting RSS and XML files to HTML

Even if you aren't using XSLT on your sites, you've probably considered using RSS feeds to keep your visitors informed. The ability to quickly preview RSS and convert to HTML is one of the options you get with this XSL transformations plugin.

Fast lane to the latest and the greatest

Still thinking about registering HTML-Kit? See how you can get your hands on the latest and the greatest plugins faster, while supporting HTML-Kit.

New year's resolution

So if there's a new year's resolution for HTML-Kit . . .

Making copies

Need to create multiple pages from a single template file? This plugin adds a graphical interface that makes it easier to create duplicates. It can also check if any of the duplicates would overwrite existing files, before starting the batch process.

Meet the authors

If you've been using HTML-Kit plugins for a while, you've probably used one of his plugins. In addition to the many plugins he has contributed, he has written an article about the IMG tag that's easy to understand even if you're just getting started. Check out his recently upgraded virtual playground and find out what else he is up to.

News ticker on your site's address bar?

So you think the favicons are nothing more than eye candy? With this brand new feature in FavIcon from Pics, you might find other uses for it. In addition to generating a favicon, it gives you the option to display scrolling text near the address bar, which is one of the most visible areas in a browser window. You could use this feature to show a news flash about your site, a brand name, the domain name or other custom label.

Popular in 2005

Find out which plugins were most downloaded in 2005.

Now with animated favicons

Now for the first time you can create animated favicons with FavIcon from Pics in seconds using any image. Along with the static favicon.ico, it generates a basic optional animation (more animation modes are in the works).

About HTML-Kit. . .

Want to know how HTML-Kit got started? This page has answers to some frequently asked questions and other possibly interesting questions.

Linking text with a right click

If your pages tend to contain many text links, this plugin makes it easier to link the selected text using the right click menu. It can also filter out special characters so you can create safe plain text links, optionally with ID / NAME attributes.

Play it in iPod

Need a little break from listening to music on your iPod? Listen to (and watch in color/picture models) what this HTML-Kiter :), who shall remain nameless, created using iTunes and a few HTML-Kit plugins. After downloading the *.m4b file, play it in iPod, iTunes or QuickTime 7+. Warning: you'll be wasting valuable 1:36, at least.

Test drive hkSearchExt

Spending too much time looking for text and code in open files? See how much easier it can be by test driving HTML-Kit's SearchExt add-on. No need to create complex expressions to find multiple lines or simple variations -- use plain-text with wildcards instead. It also makes it easier to find values inside HTML / XML attributes. If you need to use regex, pick from ready-to-use regex snippets or create your own.

What would Ignacio pick?

Ignacio has made many contributions to HTML-Kit including his popular plugins. He's also an experienced PHP developer. Wonder which plugins Ignacio picked to work on PHP and CSS files? You can read about his picks in hkSetupPlus.

Page without a style

Remember the 'old' days of the Web when you didn't have much control over how your pages looked? These days most sites use stylesheets, but content is still the king. This plugin makes it easier to preview your pages with and without CSS.

Cleaning after lines

If you're editing text and HTML documents that have extra spaces at the end of lines, the process of trimming such lines can take some time. This plugin can help by automating the removal of end-of-line whitespace.

HTML to htp.p()

Need to convert blocks of text or HTML to htp.p() statements? This plugin makes it easier to create htp.p lines and convert them back to text / HTML. It also provides options for commenting / uncommenting lines and inserting related tags.

Tap into the Updates tab

Still installing plugins the old-fashioned way? The new Updates tab can be used to install plugins more quickly and easily, while avoiding incomplete downloads.

Pasting browser content as HTML or text

Looking for a quick way to copy a part of a page and paste it with HTML tags? This FAQ describes how you can drag and drop browser content as HTML or plain text in HTML-Kit.

Thank You

Thank you for using HTML-Kit and showing your support. Special thanks goes to plugin authors for helping others who use HTML-Kit by adding new possibilities and personalities.

The easy way to add new features

hkSetupPlus makes it easier to use hundreds of optional tools written for HTML-Kit, even if you're just getting started, by automating the installation of most additions and updates.

Comments and tools

Prefer plugins that can perform multiple functions? This plugin adds several options for working with comments and for using the selected text to generate hyperlinks, tables, numeric entities and file names.

Paper or web page?

If you like having information on paper, you can make a handy print out of your favorite plugins. Booklets that contain information about plugins, categorized by plugin author and topic, are also available as PDF files.

Searchable snippets

Find, select and insert custom snippets using the keyboard with this TagsReminder-inspired interface. You can now test drive the beta version and send your feedback.

Keeping plugins up-to-date

So you've installed dozens of plugins and wondering if any of the plugins have been updated since. hkDLPlusHelper makes it easier to check if there are any updates for the currently installed plugins.

Plugin to a Mac

New plugins interface, with support for Windows and Macs . . .

HTML-Kit Tutorial Viewer

View and create tutorials with this newest addition to HTML-Kit. Whether you're interested in creating tutorials or presentations for your clients, hkTutorialViewer can be used to quickly create simple audio visuals.

Frequently Asked Questions - Translated

Now you can read HTML-Kit Frequently Asked Questions in Dutch, thanks to Gerard. He also wrote the Dutch main menu plugin. If you get a chance, please visit his page and drop a note to show your support.

Answers from the past

Prefer to get your information from real-world questions and answers? Now you can read 300+ handpicked answers to common questions posted on HTML-Kit support forums through this index page.


This entry is not related to HTML-Kit, but I can't curb my enthusiasm. What a great and exciting moment!

Right click and email

Looking for a quick way to test mailto addresses or even send email to addresses in your HTML files while editing? This plugin makes it possible to right click and send email to the address at the cursor.

Shortcuts for toggling word-wrap

This FAQ describes how to quickly toggle word-wrap on and off using the main menu, keyboard or a mouse click.

Flipping lines

Need to flip lines? With this plugin you can simply highlight and click to move lines at the bottom to the top in reverse order.

New quick and friendly SearchExt

Spending too much time trying to find text in open files? HTML-Kit's new SearchExt makes it easier to just search. No need to create complex expressions to find multiple lines or simple variations -- use plain-text with wildcards. It also makes it easier to find values inside HTML / XML attributes and words that sound-alike. If you have to use regex, access to ready-to-use regex snippets is a click away.

Letting other plugins Tidy

The early versions of HTML-Kit provided the first graphical interface to Tidy and the Editor+Output split view that's in use today. The latest Tidy plugin makes it easier for plugin authors to build new features around it.

Registering HTML-Kit

For over 8 years, HTML-Kit and hundreds of related tools have been available free of charge under its Personal License. If it has helped your business and if you'd like to show your support, you can contribute by registering.

See through editors

If you liked the X-Ray control on the HTML-Kit Find dialog, this plugin takes it to the next level. With this plugin you'll be able to see through editors and the HTML-Kit window.

425,000+ favicons generated

If you still haven't tried adding a favicon to your page, you can generate, preview and validate a favicon using this tool.

Toggling the Workspace

 Toggle Workspace
The tiny Workspace icon on the bottom left corner of the HTML-Kit window can be used to toggle the Workspace window on and off. This document describes how to create and use a keyboard shortcut to do the same.

Actions Bar font

If the labels on the Actions Bar appear too small on your system, the default tab font can be changed as described in this FAQ.

Fullscreen mode

 Full screen view
Need more screen space? HTML-Kit's full screen view can be used to preview web pages in a kiosk-like mode or to dip into more lines in the editor.

Customizing the background color

The default white background used by the editor windows can become too bright to look at over time, but it's easy to change it to a more comfortable color.

Your own plugin in 5 steps

Did you know that you can create your own plugins? The Plugins Generator's drag-and-drop graphical interface makes it easier to design plugins, even if you're just getting started with HTML-Kit. Translations available in Dutch, French, German and Spanish.

Images with relative paths

Relative paths make it easier to move pages from the local computer to a web server or from one directory to another. HTML-Kit's image wizard can calculate the relative path for you.

Repeating actions

 Recall Menu
The F6 keyboard shortcut can be used to repeat the very last HTML-Kit plugin action. The Recall Menu takes this feature to the next level by providing direct access to the recently used actions from a single location.

Opening in Firefox and previewing in Gecko

If the auto-detect feature didn't add Firefox to the list of browsers accessible from HTML-Kit, this FAQ describes how to make sure that it's listed. Optionally, you can preview in IE and Mozilla/Gecko side by side.

More than one way to open files

 Open File
There are several ways to perform some of the common functions in HTML-Kit. This FAQ describes more than a dozen ways to open files.

Calling W3C validator inside HTML-Kit

The MarkUp Validation Service provided by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is one of the most used validators on the web. HTML-Kit makes it possible to validate the current HTML / XHTML file in the editor with a single click.

Paste from the past

 Pick and Paste
A single clipboard isn't enough to keep up with your Ctrl+C? Let the Pick and Paste feature maintain a history of copied text for you and forget about it!

Writing plugins in Delphi

Interested in writing HTML-Kit plugins in Delphi? Check out this small demo and extend it with your own code.

Generating VBScript write statements

Generate VBScript code for appending a block of text to a string variable, create multiple versions of output statements and quickly comment / uncomment code with this plugin.

Favicon Validator

Want to double check the favicon on your web page? In addition to making it easier to check the favicon files and tags, this first comprehensive favicon validator can provide suggestions on how to improve compatibility.

Calling DOM viewers

Need a little help invoking your favorite DOM tool? This plugin makes it easier to open external programs for viewing the Document Object Model, such as the Mozilla DOM Inspector.

Testing cookie settings

So you want to check how your browser settings related to cookies are working? This page can be used to test if cookies are getting accepted or rejected as configured.

Unspacing TDs

Is the extra space in front of </TD> tags creating problems? This plugin can remove any spaces in between the content and the closing TD tag.

Favicon test bed

Looking for a way to test your favicon before uploading it to your web site? The HTML-Kit User Assistant provides a temporary test bed for you favicon. Once you login, select "Services" for details.

Plugin for a tag

About to start a task that use LI, P, IMG, TABLE or other particular tag? Don't forget to take a quick look at the plugins page for that tag; a plugin written for that task just might already be there.

Editing SMIL files

HTML-Kit can be used to edit Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) files. This FAQ describes how to install the plugins and add the file extensions that can make it easier to edit SMIL files.

Hard wrap with a click

Need more than display-only soft wrapping? This plugin can be used to wrap the selected text at a specific column. It also provides an option to preview the wrapped text in the Output window.

Over 300,000 favicons generated

Check out what others have to say about FavIcon from Pics or create a favicon for your page in seconds.
More headlines. . .

HTML-Kit Registered

Get the extra add-ons and support HTML-Kit development efforts by registering.
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HTML-Kit Plugins Manager : Find and use 400+ plugins on-demand. Install plugins with a single click.

FavIcon from Pics

Create favicons for address bars, favorites and tabs, from pictures, logos and other existing graphics.

Image Splitter

Online image splitter for creating navigation bars and image grids.
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